When you talk to a lot of people about chiropractors, they’ll be the first to tell you that they’re good for taking care of your back pain. While that is very true, there are also quite a number of other parts of your anatomy that they are highly trained to assist you with. They have specialized equipment that many regular doctors won’t invest in and have no idea how to use. So yes, if you have back pain, you should definitely seek chiropractic care, but here is a list of other ailments, that a competent Honolulu chiropractor can help with.

Any Kind Of Tingling Or Numbness In An Extremity

This is many times related to the spinal column but also can have other sources as well. Most numbness symptoms are usually traced back to a pinched nerve. However, that nerve could be located far from the area where the symptoms are showing. A highly trained chiropractor will know exactly where to look for the problem based on his specialized knowledge.

One very common problem is called sciatica where there is numbness, tingling, or pain in the legs and feet. The source of the problem won’t actually be near the feet at all but farther up the nerve, the sciatic nerve, that begins at the spinal cord. This nerve branches all the way down the legs, it’s the longest nerve in the body and influences the ability to feel and control the legs and feet. A slipped or herniated disc can cause the problem as can a pinched nerve near the spine. Careful examination and the use of specialized spinal X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs will locate the exact problem which can usually be fixed with special equipment as well.

See A Chiropractor For Stress Relief, You Bet!

This might sound surprising, but a thorough examination by a chiropractor can many times locate a problem with the nervous system that is leading to that stress. Many chiropractors are trained to find these areas, restore balance to the nervous system and thereby relieve the stress. Many patients experience renewed energy, reduced stress, and sometimes even allergy relief when the stress is reduced.

It’s also possible that pain in other parts of your body, call it chronic pain or residual pain, is causing a constant overload into the brain from that location. By straightening out the spine through spinal correction through chiropractic clinic in Honolulu and with special spinal beds, the herniated discs will fall back into place and stop the constant pain. By reducing the pain, the body will resort to its normal, happy, easy going self again without all the stress.

Many Headaches Are Rooted In Pinched Nerves And Slipped Discs

One of the problems with the nervous system is that when there is a pinched nerve in one place, it can have an effect much farther away and is hard to diagnose. Chiropractors, on the other hand, are specially trained to trace these problems through the nerves and locate the real cause rather than just prescribe the latest pain medication. Most pain medications just mask the problem and allow the problem to get worse since, without the pain, you have no idea that you’re injuring the nerve more with improper lifting, sitting, posture, or other movements. Fixing the problem at its source is the only true solution for better long-term health.

Headaches, especially migraines, are nearly always rooted in some other problem that can be alleviated with the proper diagnosis and treatments. Regular doctors are great at many things, but most have not been trained in the precise locations of all the nerves and the best way to stop pressure on them that is the source of lots of pain. Pain is almost always an indication that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed, pain medications are merely a cover-up for when the regular doctors don’t know how to find the injury and fix it.  However, that is the chiropractors best asset and why you should consider using one regularly.  Visit your Honolulu chiropractic clinic today to consult your options.

Hot water cleaning of carpet or cleaning with shampoo can be an effective way of cleaning a rug (Oahu rug cleaner twitter). However, they may not be the most efficient choice if your primary concern is drying time. Hot water cleaning and shampoo cleaning will consume the largest amount of water resulting into long drying time that can be an inconvenience. Especially in Oahu, the season could be dry, but rainy season will make it very hard for carpet to dry. When you need a method that will give you a short and convenient dying time, consider applying dry cleaning. You can clean using this approach in the night and be sure it will be dry and ready by morning.  Here is a link to professional carpet cleaner yelp page for Oahu.  For additional info on specifics of different methods, here is a wiki to carpet cleaning.

Soiled carpets

There are times when your carpet has gotten heavily soiled; you may need to apply manual spotting pre-treatment. The characteristics of the spotting pretreatment will be determined by the nature of the stain that you are dealing with.  You may need to determine if the soil you are dealing with is oil or water soluble to decide what pretreatment to apply. Sometimes the carpet may be soiled by heavy traffic and in such cases, you need traffic-lane cleaners.

Advantages of dry cleaning

  1. Dry cleaning your carpet offers you the advantage of immediate use. It is appropriate for business premises since it does not consume a lot of time in cleaning and drying.
  2. If properly done, it permanently gets rid of stains and soils, during the cleaning the stains are repeatedly agitated till they are completely removed.
  3. Because of the short drying time, it cannot develop molds allowing it to retain its beauty. Dry cleaning your rug eliminates the need to air it out to dry and, this means that the ultraviolet rays will not discolor it.
  4. Business areas that experience high traffic require regular cleaning, wet cleaning may make the carpets you use lose their texture and begin wrinkling. Dry cleaning leaves your carpet without wrinkles despite the regular cleanings that you do.
  5. Dry carpet cleaning does not involve the use of shampoos which act by attracting dust. It is hard to rinse all the shampoo when cleaning is complete therefore your carpet is likely to look dirty very fast.
  6. Dry cleaning your carpet gets rid of the dirt and dust on it improving the health of the people who use it.

The texture and color of your carpet determine their beauty, and dry cleaning can help you to retain that. Dry cleaning your carpet may seem so simple. However, it should by a professional. Your carpet needs to be inspected by a professional before you decide on the method of cleaning. Improper choice of cleaning preconditioner may not give you the best results and it could potentially ruin the carpet. It is better to hire a trained carpet cleaning Oahu professionals to make sure that your carpets last long.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a life insurance.  There are many reasons and these really depend on the individual and family’s needs.  However, we tried to summarize some important ones.

1. Because you love your family, and you want to protect them

If you remove yourself from the picture right now, yes right this moment, how would you family live?  All of a sudden the income you were bringing in stops, and they have to spend money on taking care of your costs related to your death.  How is this going to be covered?

2. Inheritance

Why not leave a little something for your children or grandchildren to build on.  You can name them as beneficiaries, and you can provide them a little bit of a head start compared to other people of the same age.  Do you really want them to go through the struggles that you went through?

3. It costs more for them to live without you

You were handling many things for your family.  Not just financially, but you were taking care of many household tasks, like cleaning, cooking, taking care of children, laundry, taking out the trash, etc.  Your family may be able to handle all these new tasks, but they may not be able to.  Funds from the insurance proceed could alleviate some of these needs.

3. GOOD – get out of debt

How about taking care of any debt.  If you and your family had any mortgage left on your house, it could be used towards that.  How about the car you were driving?  Does it have any loan on it?  It should cover that too.  Many expenses often came with some debt.  It provides your family a great relief when that burden is lifted.

4. Peace of Mind

How about that intangible that you provide for your family?  I don’t think this one will need further explaining.  You know that feeling of my mom, my dad is taking care of me even after they passed, that provides tremendous comfort for the family.

5. Funeral expenses are getting higher and higher

How much does a funeral cost?  There is more to it than just renting out space.  Food, casket, burial, cremation, there are many services that have to go through, and it’s often upwards of $10,000  Yes, you saw that right.  It costs as much, sometimes even more than a big wedding.  Think about it.  Doesn’t about the same number of people come to the funeral as a wedding?  If you are an accomplished person, maybe even more.

6. Why not do something for yourself

A Certain type of life insurance – whole life insurance or universal life insurance can help with your retirement.  You should talk to your insurance advisor on this, but you can use this as a savings/investment hybrid product that has some possible tax benefit.

If you want to learn more about whole life insurance Mililani click the link.  If you want to learn more about universal life insurance Mililani click the link.

Of about whole life insurance in general and universal life insurance in general.

7. Charity

If you are supporting a charity, and you want that legacy to carry on, you can designate that charity as a beneficiary.  There is some special process you can set up where they can get an income stream so that the cause you were working for and building up can continue.